AMBIKA LED Colors - Noob Question

Hi all. As a slight color-blind fella I just wondered if it was possible to change the original Ambika Leds ( yellow and green ) with white ones ? I have two issues with my LEDS …
1 - There´s 7 LEDs on the left side of ambika. The first Voice LED is always on. It changes to somewhat color while playing a note. I guess there is a short.
2 - I don´t see the two different colors on one LED. ( like I said - colorblind … )

Is there a technical difference between those LEDs ?
What happens if that white LED tries to change color ?

I would replace the LEDs with white ones if possible.
Sorry for asking tech noob questions again …
Thanks in Advance !

0. There are situations in which the color matters.

1. No short. Read the manual :smiley:

2. Which one?

Regarding #1 - I just bought a used Ambika and plugged it in for the first time today. This confused me for a minute too, but I figured it out after scrolling through the menus. I’ll save you a bit of searching: the solid green light shows which Part is currently selected for editing.
doobydoo, we both have a lot of manual reading to do.