Ambika LCD identification

Hey guys. I keep seeing this beautiful Ambika LCD that is black with white characters. Where would one procure such an item? Any other suggestions for stylin Ambika LCDs? I think I want to pass on VFD or OLED, even thought they look fantastic.

Green on black: 805-51850NFQJLGACN

White on black: 805-51850NFQJLWAAN

WARNING: Requires a current limiting resistor (otherwise you immediately burn the backlight LED).

^ I use 68ohm all the time without issue.

Gentlemen, thank you very much!

Hi , look to the max LCD current and voltage.
Example I_Max is 50 mA, U =3,3Volt
Than calculate
5V-3,3V =1,7Volt
R=U/I = 1,7Volt/0,050A = 34 ohm.
34 ohm is the minimal resistor . You can use 34,50 or 68 ohm