Ambika LCD Alternative

Mouser are out of stock of the Newhaven displays so I found this one at Farnell:

Are they compatible? I guess it probably comes down to mechanical details as it matches most of the properties.

> I guess it probably comes down to mechanical details

Check the technical drawings of a part known to work (for example the newhaven ones from Mouser) and the drawings of that part.

This one does work for me:

I’m using a ~60 Ohm current limiting resistor for the LED backlight on this one.

Seems to be £8.54 + £5.61 shipping from Germany to the UK (I’m guessing you’re located there).

Thanks for the link - bookmarked for future.

The Farnell one I linked to seems like a perfect match and as I was ordering from them anyway the price works out about the same as the EBay one.

I’ll report back once I’ve assembled it as it might be worth adding to the Ambika BOM

I got the display from this guy within 2 days, he is definetely a pro ebayer…

wich lcd is this? yellow/green on yellow/green?

i’m gonna order from buy-display maybe the yellow/green on black

This looks more like pure green on black. The old yellow-greens are more, well - yellow.

Or it’s the original yellow/green with a messed-up white balance :slight_smile:

i’m just entering to the wonderful world of the LCDs…

I used this one and worked just fine, install a 35R resistor so it won’t drag too much power from the positive track (I used 35R but you can experiment with lower values, the lower the brighter the screen gets):

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I wish I had more devices to build the buy-lcd purple and blue LCDs into. Shame they don’t look compatible with Midipal. Maybe I need a Shruthi…

i also like the black on white… it’s difficult to decide…

I could sell you an optrex black on white. Don’t like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

the fact it’s that i like the “standard” version, but when you start looking…

The LCD finally arrived, how can i know which resistor i’ve to put on it??

With these ones you don’t need any.


Ambika and two SMR4 (of six) working, thanks to all shruthitzens for all the help on this!

I’m currently soldering my second Ambika and use a MIDAS - MC24005A6W-BNMLW LCD with a 220 Ohm resistor for the backlight:


Looks great and works fine.

@Elhambre: cool! Are you going for six voices??