Ambika kit US import tax

just a little factlet concerning Ambika kit import to the US:
customs duty is $36.71 and DHL Express advances it for you but charges $6.50 for that.
(how cool is that! in my experience UPS refuses to deliver before you pay)

Yes how cool is that you only pay less than 10% import tax as well :slight_smile:
I pay 60% and on bigger items, like synths with keys like 115% import taxes…I live on the moon…

Just got a similar notice from DHL – not sure where, but this HTS classification was applied:

HTS Code: 9207.10.0075 - Keyboard Instruments Other Than Accordions With One Keyboard Valued $100 Or Over Each

which resulted in a 5.4% duty, bill for $45 USD.

This is really annoying. Modules and synth DIY parts should be classed as

TARIC code 9209940000 (Parts and Accessories for Musical Instruments the sound of which is produced or must be amplified electrically.)

for which there is zero duty. That’s what I’ve used back and forth for eurorack and even rack-mounted synth modules. The ambika box I received had no HTS/TARIC/etc code on the front. Just the words “synthesizer diy kit”, which probably triggered the customs broker to think “==keyboard”. It may be moot point now (no longer shipping high value kits), but I’d propose that you add the above HTS code on the boxes or visible docs.

Thanks! Best, KevinC

There is never zero duty, all couriers have their own customs brokerage and you get charged just for them to look at it if it is declared above a certain point

6.5$? Man, you are lucky… In Denmark it’s 150DKK (20€/15£/24$) for them to look at it, if it is over 80DKK in value… Sot you can get charged 24$ and a few cents for a package that is worth 15$…I don’t mind paying the VAT for stuff, I do however mind being robbed for doing it… .

9209940000 is certainly not hassle-free. Works mostly for modules, but not well for DIY kits. It led to a couple of annoying situations in which I had to provide a complete BOM, which ended up being refused because it listed general purpose electronic components rather than parts specific to music instruments.

Whoa. Thanks for explanation Olivier. Looking at my post, I should have clarified that I was annoyed with DHL/US Customs for making the assumption ambika==keyboard, not annoyed with you. Thanks, KC