Ambika keyboard version?

Hi guys,

I’m building an ambika and I would like to put it in an enclosure with a keyboard.
Ambika is nearly done but I still have a few question about implementation.

Is it hard to make an internal power supply? what rules do I have to observe to get that safe? The case is going to be wood with a metal front and rear pannel.

About designing the front and rear pannel. I think I’m going to use the original design but expended on the whole keyboard pannel.Do you know any tutorials,tips, or things I have to be aware of? Last thing, I want it to be metal.

Regarding the connection of the keyboard I have 2 options:
First is getting a midi keyboard, dissasemble it , wire it to the midi input and put it in the new case. Simple option but I wont be able to use midi in anymore if I use the keyboard. Also I will have to adapt the keyboard circuit to the case (buttons for octaves, mod weel…)
Second is to buy a fatar keybed from Doepfer and somehow connect it to the ambika to still have acces to midi in. I can have whatever controls I like this way and maybe add some midi controlled potentiometers? Dowfall is that its more expensive and I don’t know a damn thing about midi. What is in your opinion the best solution?

Get a suitable PSU. Get a mains socket, wire mains socket to an external 3 pin mains plug mounted in the case. Plug PSU into mains socket, plug PSU output into Shruthi board.

Safe and easy.

Otherwise you might consider a pre-built module. Stuff like this is cheaper than what you will pay for parts?

I guess this is a site to get some real good ideas how to go ahead with such a project:
This guy is an absolutely pro and as far as i know there is somewhere a link to an interview about his approach to his machines.

Wire the midi keyboard to a switch and retain midi-in. This way, you can “unplug” the keyboard by flipping the switch.

Also, I would suggest installing a pre-made psu much like 6581punk suggests.

That would be a fast integration leaving time only to consolidate this into a nice enough case.

Actually, I forgot that Ambika uses an AC PSU. So all you would really need inside is a step down transformer to drop the voltage down to 9V AC.

yes, it´s just a transformer. If you bought a wall wart, you can always un-case it and install it internally.

Not the most practical, but if you already have it, it can be done easy.

Maybe you can also use a Midi Merger with two Midi In and one Midi out to solve the Problem.



Thanks for your fast answer guys!

Maybe some ideas here ?