Ambika keyboard... food for thought?

I am currently building my second Shruthi and building them has been so much fun (although sourcing parts can be a bit of a hassle) that I am seriously thinking about Ambika now. As I was reading and thinking about Ambika it suddenly hit me: What if I could maybe do a custom Ambika as a keyboard with many knobs.

Let the day dreaming begin :slight_smile:

Sure, electronically thats not a big problem. The hardest part will be to design the case.

That’s exactly my thoughts. If only I had something of a workshop…

Ambika Programmer is work in Progress…

for a project like that, i would take a keyboard with lot of space and use empty space inside to put the motherboard and the voicecards.
if not enough space for and assembled ambika, you can separat parts, voicecards, motherboard, pots, buttons and even display and connect them
to the motherboard with ribbon connecteur or just wires.

second option is to design your own case to fit ambika and keyboard inside (a least, the mechanic and midi connector).

look at that: