Ambika Issue: B-Voicecards dont work

Hello @ all!
I have a problem with my new soldered Ambika (ok, actually Tubika :wink: but it’s the same thing). There are only the “A”-adressed voicecards working, the “B”-cards don’t. Changed the adressing from A to B and vice versa: again only the “A”-cards work. That means: all Voicecards are ok, the problem must be in the motherboard. Any guesses, what causes that behaviour?



Are you sure the voice allocation is set up for 6 voices polyphony?

By default it is set for 3 voices (1, 3, and 5).

Maybe that’s the reason :wink: I didn’t change any settings, I only went through the 127 preprogrammed patches. Sounds like I should have a look in the manual, right?