Ambika headers

Somehow accidentally my Mouser order was 2 arduino headers short. Luckily found that i can get them here in Holland at
Maybe handy for other people sourcing in Europe too.

Maybe you should start a list on the wiki with all these nice local sources… :wink:

yes i should, there is still a lot to be done on the wiki.

Has anyone a source for these in HK / China / Elsewhere cheap? I would gladly organize a group order as they seem to be one of the harder to come by parts here in Europe…

I got them here when I built my Ambika …

not necessary, this guy sells them for less, it was a tip i got from here:
100x8 pin

however there must be a source somewhere, as in manufacturer

Hi all, does anyone in UK/Europe know where you can source 20 pin versions? It is to make a board/device look smarter than using a standard 40 pin socket for arduino type pins. Hard to find/rare/hideously overpriced imho. I may just have to use a bog standard socket. I could use 4 x 10 pin I suppose.

i think i’ve seen a 20 pin somewhere, i’ll try to find it again

I shall own up to the balls up I made building a PreenFm in that I had not looked at the Maple Mini design, so treated the board to an expensive turned 40 gold plated pin socket , into which the Arduino pins just would not fit , so I had to cut the sucker out and de solder the board… it will teach me to look at the MCU format next time …