Ambika hardware controller , made by Synth-Project

Hi all, Mario will do it.

A hardware controller for AMBIKA


You may say what you like, but this guy knows what he is doing !

we will see if it is ready…

On one side, I think this is cool. On the other side, I still don’t understand the want of a knob-per-function.
There is a lot of blank space on that panel, but it does look nice. I would move the knobs in the middle above the keyboard somewhere else because they will get in the way when programming the mod matrix from the main Ambika interface anyway. It may be nice to rest your wrist without the knobs getting in the way.

It’s a start, but there’s a bunch of missed opportunities here: Move to volume pot to a more sensible location, use button caps that are larger etc etc. I would figure that if the front panel is fully custom one could move things about, erase some blank space and what not.

But, it looks like a good start.

Additional front panels are custom but the Ambika PCB is stock.

I’d just bury it deeper in the bowels of the machine and take advantage of the opportunity, stock PCB or not. There has to be some room in there…

The controller works like a docking station. Same as the shruthi keyboard. That means you can remove the ambika to use the desktop version. The layout of the ambika is fix. If you want other buttons you need a different case. Same with the volume knob of the ambika.

But its right. There is too much space around the OSC section on the panel. I’m not happy with it. I must think about how I can move some knobs to have a better look.



Ahh! That’s an interesting take on things. I was wondering why the Ambika controllers weren’t in the same style, spacing and such as the rest, but if it’s docked it makes sense.

this can happen for sure but - how $$$$???

I’m currently building an ambika and anushri into a keyboard and I have an empty slot to the right of the ambika, thinking of adding some knobs for controller not sure what system to use though.

One thing I did regarding the emtpy sapce around the ambika module is use graphics that help explain (err… well at least to me) what the pots do when in various pages. It’s still rough… but in case it sparks any other better ideas.