Ambika - full BOM w/ 6 voice-cards

Hi MI community,
Perhaps someone can help confirming my BOM for the AMBIKA w/ 6 voice-cards.
I have no experience in DIY synths or shopping parts for that matter.
But my friend have agreed to build this beauty for me, if I get the materials :).
He will also do the housing. Here is what I found…

from MI:
1x mobo - PCB+microcontroller
1x 4P filter+chips
1x SVF filter+chips
4x SMR4 filter+microcontroller

from Mouser:
1x mobo BOM
1x 4P BOM

from Reichelt:
1x Mechanical assembly BOM

  • So my question, is the above the complete list ?
  • and 2nd is there a way to order all the parts at Mouser’s without typing each item manually?.


Hey bvk, don’t forget a 1amp 9v AC wall adapter power supply.

welcome here… Together with the power adapter and the official BOMs the list should be complete…

You can search the forum for MOUSER BOMS … that’s a saved shopping cart with all the right parts in it. You can also copy past the BOM from the google docs in an excel file and upload that to Mouser… There is an option for that on their website.

BUT… You’ll run into some problems.

Maybe you can’t get all the parts at mouser.
Parts change and some might be out of stock. So you’ll have to search for alternative’s.
You’ll have to read some of the technical specifications and find out which one’s are important and which are not to find an alternative part. In some cases there may already be alternative parts recommended on the forum.
And there are a lot of friendly people here to help out.

If you take your time you’ll get there. I usually also shop a bit around for the more expensive parts. Sometimes farnell or reichelt is cheaper.

Does your friend have experience in soldering and electronics? The Ambika is a big project to troubleshoot if you make mistakes.

Good luck!

for example to save some money, resistors and such are usually way cheaper at Reichelt. i always order from mouser only the parts that i can’t get here. that’s for example some electrolytic caps with low height that you need for the voice cards, lcd perhaps, DAC, until recently the atmega 328, switches, the audio jacks, stuff like that.

shiftr ... my friend works in the electronics with fix and troubleshooting.qp, shiftr, rosch - thank you all for the useful information. I will try it out :slight_smile: say dive in.

@bvk … OK, good to know you are in good hands! Have fun!

@ rosch: Those electrolytics with low height are available at Reichelt, too, I don’t know why they are still not listed in the official BOM. Just do a search for ‘Subminiatur-Elko’ on

cool! thanks for the info

Hi bvk
do you have an update on your parts search ?
did it go well and do you have some recommendations and advices with the different suppliers ?
I saw you gdocs spreadsheet and it is very detailled, If you agree i’d like to use it as a starting point to evaluate the pricing, is it up to date with your orders ?

thanks a lot