Ambika for glitchy stuff and sound design

I’m very interested in an Ambika. But at the moment I need a synth where when pushed to the limit it generates otherwordly, interesting, perhaps glitchy sounds.

I have the shruthi which I really love, and it seems to have that sort of potential (i.e. above).

Also, does an editor of any kind exist for the Ambika?

Ambika has more LFO, modulation matrix slots, variable rate sample sample reduction / fuzz, so I am confident that it can get even weirder than the Shruthi. Also, it has a randomize function too :slight_smile:

How about an editor? I’ve been able to make the shruthi come alive since I downloaded the editor. It’s not manditory though… I can set up a template with CC commands, etc.

Oh while I’m at it… can anyone advise me on how to get a patch from the Shruthi into Manuel Kronig’s Shruthi editor? I can see the “fetch” button, but what do I need to to on the Shruthi? Been stuck on this for ages.


I played with Manuel’s editor, and that was always a sticking point … I am not sure it ever really worked, and then Manuel sort of disappeared from the Forum. As an alternative,have you tried this?
Shruthi Controller.
One caveat, it is a one way controller , you can’t “fetch” patches from the Shruthi, but you can design and write to, and also save banks and individual patches. PC only.

Thanks Fitvideo. No I haven’t tried it, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks. Manuel’s editor is working fine for me though, in terms of editing, saving and sending patches. My main idea was to pull a preset into the editor to look at its inner workings (it would be easier doing this in the editor than just going through the menu). But it’s really no biggy.

having seen what Manuel was doing and having beein in discussion with / Beta testing for Andre’ (TubeOhm) I understand that it is complicated that way round so TubeOhm took the soft option and made it one way only, to the Shruthi. Unless i stand corrected , Manuel hit the same block , and gave up.

Although Andres’ TubeOhm editor is very slick and foolproof, the muksys and widy75 Ctrlr editor does work in both directions, which I do find useful because you can edit on both software and from the hardware controls themselves and always save the final sound back to the computer.

Discussion here: Ctrlr Shruthi Editor


It seems there is a shruthi editor avaiable for renoise, via an Extension tool (“Guru”, an external synth editor / controller). I still have to try it (too much work, and no music computer, actually)

Thanks all, I’ll check these options out. No Ambika editor yet though?