Ambika for drum synthesis?

Hey everyone.

New guy here. Been intrigued by by both the Ambika and Shruthi for a while now, especially the Ambika. I mean, WOW! The possibilities and sound of this thing are amazing! Hoping to be able to get my hands on one soon and start experimenting.

Anyhow, my question is this;

How is the Ambika for drum synthesis? Are there any demos around of the Ambika doing drums?

I would like to be able to (eventually) use one Ambika as a 6 voice poly, and another as a combo drum/monosynth in various configurations. Then, I would also have the ability to polychain both for a monster 12 voice pad machine when wanted!

Thanks for your replies ahead of time.

Edit-not necessarily looking for realistic drum sounds or 808/909 emulation. Would be great if it could, but not necessary.

What kind of drums are you into? It’s probably OK for very synthetic tones, but it won’t do convincing 808 emulation, or play samples of course.

If you want an open-source, DIY, drum synth, check this!

Wow thanks for the quick response!

Edited my post to clarify.

Lol been listening to tons of demos of the LXR lately too. On the wish list, but first an Ambika!

Search for “Ambika Tron” on YouTube. I’ve done a small video with some drum and synth sounds. I’m pretty sure that with some work, you’ll be able to create a lot of great drum sounds.

I remember reading that the Ambika was born as a Drum machine initially


But at some point I thought about making a drum sample playback voicecard.


Sorry might have misread.

But, some drum-related voice cards would have been (could be?) really cool, because the Ambika layout seems well suited for it.

Half an hours work on my Ambika. You could do better, I’m sure.


Drums are played by hand on a keyboard, so excuse the poor timing.



What voice cards are in there?

4x 4P + 2x SVF. Can’t recall which sounds were from which cards, I’m afraid, and can’t check, as I’m at work at the moment.



Your “Ambika Tron” demo was what opened my eyes to the drum synthesis possibilities of the machine. I fell in love with the sound of your Ambika #2 demo, the Laurentide “Juno” demo, and the “chords” demo by Phase FiftySeven too.


Thanks for the quick demo!

Much appreciated all!

Now to sell a kidney or something