Ambika firmware updates

Is there somewhere where the versions are posted if any? I cant find it on the site or in the forums.

here or at github .

Can’t really find any updates per se, so yay for working out of the box?

I think that is if you want to flash the AVR from scratch. For updates from the SD card though the manual says this but where is the ambika.bin file versions? Is there only V1.0 right now? That’s what I have.


Firmware update

Firmware update through the SD-card

From the library page:

pt 1 program .A000 junon
| init|send|save|versions more|exit
Press S7 to display more commands:

pt 1 program .A000 junon
pref|>ini|about more|exit
Press S3 to bring the about page:

ambika v1.0|port 1 device 1 v1.0
upgrade |upgrade exit
The first half of the screen displays the version of the OS running on the motherboard. If a firmware update file named AMBIKA.BIN is present on the memory-card, pressing S1 (upgrade command) will load it to upgrade the main processor.

Ambika contains seven ports to which devices are attached. The first 6 ports (port 1 to port 6) are used for connecting the voicecards ; the last port (port 7) is used for connecting additional controllers or I/O connectors. The second half of the screen on the about page shows the device type and OS version number for a selected port. Use the encoder to scroll through the ports. When no device is attached to a port (or when the device firmware has been corrupted), a ‘?’ is shown in place of the device type. If a firmware update file named VOICE$.BIN (where $ is the port number) is present on the memory card, pressing S4 (upgrade command) will load it to upgrade the voicecard processor.

No version released besides the one already flashed on the chip you got.

I have attached the very latest beta version, at your own risks (not fully tested).

Thanks! Any version notes for this beta?



Hi.I just purchased an Ambika from a trustable builder.The synth is amazing but i found a bug(you will tell me) :slight_smile: The attack of the third envelope is acting like a delay to the signal…Only if you play a chord and very quick play another one seems to be working better…but if you leave some space between notes it acts as a delay to the signal and when the sound comes in come like the attack is to 0.Any help? Thanks!