Ambika: firmware update

I’d like to test the very last version of the firmware, which may contain a fix for a bug I encounter (see “Voice allocation bug(s)”). Unfortunately, I don’t have a programmer and I’m currently not able to update the firmware using the midi method. The only way would be to upgrade via the sd card, but I can’t find the AMBIKA.BIN file anywhere.

Is there a way to build this file from the github sources ? Using make, I get the .hex files which (AFAIK) are supposed to be converted in midi files using the python tools, but I don’t see anything related to the .bin file.

Thanks in advance.

If I remember correctly, the command is:
make -f controller/makefile bin

Thanks ! That’s the right command. Actually the question was already answered in this thread : It might be worth to stick it or add the info to the ambika firmware page.