Ambika firmware update

A very minor upgrade in preparation of the kit release…

  • Changed the order of the voice/parts LEDs so they match the physical layout of voicecards (first column: 1, 3, 5 ; second column: 2, 4, 6).
  • The “low” and “high” keyboard range settings now work a bit differently. First, the “high” setting is inclusive. Secondly, when low > high, this allows a “notch” to be created in the keyboard map (For example if low = F5 and high = C4, the part will play on all notes except the C#4 to E5 range).
  • The “low” and “high” keyboard ranges can be input form a MIDI controller. Turn the knob to select one of the “high”/“low” parameters, click the encoder, and any incoming MIDI note will be used as the “high” (or “low”) note range.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when a Program Change is received while the Load/save page has never been visited. This causes the SD-card initialization routine to not be run, preventing program changes to be actually performed.
  • Propagated some changes from the Shruthi-1 codebase onto the voicecard code. These impact only code compacity/efficiency, no additional features.
  • Changed the bootloader crash detection and made it more robust. 5 consecutive crashes are necessary before a voicecard locks itself in firmware upgrade mode.

As you see, an upgrade is not really necessary, but if you insist:

For the AVR programmer crowd:

For the SD-card upgrade gang:

Oh yes, I insist… :slight_smile:
The upgrade worked perfectly (I used the .bin files) and I very much like the change of voice/part LED order. Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

that’s what i call great service!
even plug & play hex files!
just in time, about to add the remaining parts tonight. then testing and flashing time :slight_smile: