Ambika Firmware Latest Precompiled

Can’t seem to find the latest pre-compiled Ambika firmware. Is it available somewhere?


should be here

@rosch thanks for that. There’s an ‘ambika_controller.bin’, but I can’t see a file named ‘AMBIKA.BIN’, which is what it says in the manual the firmware update file should be called.


Then rename ambika_controller.bin into AMBIKA.BIN

@pichenettes thanks. Just wanted to be sure that was the correct file. Is this the file that can be placed on the SD card to update to the latest controllboard firmware, as explained in the manual?



@pichenettes cool, cheers. Might be worth updating the manual, in that case. I know I’m easily confused, but I imagine that has the potential to catch others out, too.


It works great - thank u!

@pichenettes I’ve updated the firmware, but can’t seem to find the option to flip LED colours that was mentioned somewhere. Is that part of firmware v1.0?


I have updated the files…

@pichenettes cool, will download and try tomorrow.


Link is down :frowning:
Does anyone have the latest bin?

Check the Ambika pages on mutable instruments:

And then there’s YAM of course :slight_smile:


Just realized only the hex files are there :confused:

I’ve put them in my dropbox:

This contains:
ambika_controller.syx (MIDI sysex)
AMBIKA.BIN (version 1.0 of the bin)
VOICE5.BIN (voice card bin file for card #5 - rename file for cards in other slots)


Great! Many thanks!

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