Ambika Firmware Compiling (avr-g++ / avr-gcc versions)

Ok thought it would be good to start a good resource for tracking what avr-g++ versions work, and what size binaries they produce. I’ve started a sheet here with some results from my own testing using the available Crosspack versions.

If anyone cares to test some more recent avr-g++ versions and add their results, we can map out the best possible combination of versions for controller and voice cards once and for all!

Is there any way to test for remaining CPU cycles other than just listening for glitches / artefacts?

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So most of these versions will build the controller successfully and save a lot of bytes. 6.5.0 , 7.4.0 , 8.3.0 all build and run fine and play sounds fine, but they all crash the library page.
I’ve noted the results of [make ram size] for each version and they all come in under [4096-128].

@pichenettes Do you have any pointers on debugging this?

Around this time last year I was busy debugging the Midipal source code to get it to compile with GCC 8.2, and I suspect the issues may be the same in the Ambika source code.

My findings are documented here:

I’m about to go overseas on holidays but when I return, I plan to tackle the Ambika firmware. That will probably be mid February or March :slight_smile:

That would be amazing! I’m really keen to get some better communication between Ambika and Ixos AU/VST editor for reading patch/multi banks/names, and instant recall of multi saved with project.
But need more space to play with! (8.3.0 saves over 5K and runs fine apart from the library)

oo leaks! Love ambika and your firmware but this would be a welcome time saver