Ambika: filter freq calculation

With default key-tracking the filter freq should be:
freq (on filter page) + note (bipolar, E4 = 0) + modulation
maxed out at 127

Let’s say I set freq = 127 on the filter page. With with no modulation filter freq tracks keynote up to E4 and then stays at max, fine.

To cancel key-tracking I set a modulation: source = note, dest = freq, amnt = -63
Filter freq stays at max up to E4 (fine) but above it goes down.

It’s maxed out at 127 before taking modulation into account - instead of after - or do I miss something?

Saturation is done at every step of the calculation.

In your example, assuming you play G4 :

Base value : 127
Taking built-in key-tracking into account: 127 + 3 = 127 (all calculations saturated to 0…127)
Taking modulation matrix into account 127 - 3 = 124 (all calculations saturated to 0…127)

I know that ideally you’d want the calculations to be saturated only at the final step (So it would be 127 + 1 - 1 = 127), but there’s not enough CPU to do modulation calculations with a larger word size.

Clear, thanks!
But that means the built-in key-tracking can’t be really switched off.
Better CPU, again? :slight_smile:

With the cutoff set to extreme values, no.

> Better CPU, again?

You’re beating a dead horse.

I know, that’s why I added a smiley.
I didn’t know the effect is due to cpu limitations before you explained it, I’m sorry.