Ambika filter comparison to other synth modules

Hey, so it’s pretty difficult choosing between ambika filter cards, but I definitely like the SMR4. I was wondering if anyone knows which filters are the closest to the DSI Tetra or the Waldorf Pulse. These are 2 synths I have, so I’d like to avoid the closest sounding one so I can have variety.


For the standard ones, I’d say SVF will be more different.

Ah I actually plan on getting a volca keys, that should cover the Korgy area. I read that both polivoks and svf are Korglike, does anyone know the exact differences? Four cards will definitely be smr4, it’s the last 2 I have trouble deciding. I have a Sub Phatty, that’s got the ladder area covered.

Does the 4P sound like a Curtis filter?

I don’t think any of them have the Curtis sound (I have a mopho and I’m not to fond of the “brassy” quality of the filter). The SMR is very different for sure, and I’d recommend the SVF over the 4P for Ambika.


Ahhh this is so difficult to choose. Thanks for the input. :smiley: Here’s my output. For the longest tme, ive been searching for a Juno in a box and found this unit. My last question befote i jump to anyone who may know is: Is the polivoks worth 1 voice of polyphony taken from the SMR4, and does it make sense to have both the svf and polivoks since they are both influenced by the MS20?

Its either 4 smr+svf+polivoks, 5 smr+svf, or 5 smr+polyvoks

I would go full on smr4 and put the polivoks shruthi next to it.

> and does it make sense to have both the svf and polivoks since they are both influenced by the MS20?

SVF, Polivoks and MS20 are all 2-pole filters, but that’s the only thing they have in common. They are certainly not influenced by each other.

In particular the SVF board is very clean, with a smooth resonance - you don’t get that with the MS20.

I agree with TheSlowGrowth but consider Ladder instead of Polivoks

Yes, the ladder filter is beautiful for round moog-ish bass sounds

Oh man this made my craving worse… OK I’ve put aside the ladder because I have a sub phatty and a moog freqbox. I think I’ll get 5 smr+1 svf and down the line a polivoks shruthi. I hope Im doing the right thing

The SVF cards are so amazing sounding. I only wish they were dual SVF :wink:

I’ve got three SMR4 Plus cards and they are lovely. Very “polysynth” in nature, but also capable of Elements type sounds… it’s only LPF, and presented as very “roland” but I experience it as more Korg meets Waldorf than “roland” per se.

I also have the Ladder voice card - also a LPF with distorted mode, normal mode, and crush mode - and it’s thick, and warm and very very nice.
But I wouldn’t want these for polysynth duties. I see the ladder as largely a mono voice as you would use a moog.