Ambika filter chirps

I’ve noticed something with my Ambika when playing certain patches. At first I thought I was hearing things or some of my other gear was possibly creating background noise, but when I play very bassy sounding patches on the Ambika I will sometimes get these really faint blips/chirp sounds at the end of a note. I’m pretty sure the issue is related to the filter parameters, I can tweak the filter and filter out the chirp, but I’m wondering if this is a typical issue or if this is a problem related to my build (and if it is easily fixable)

Here is a small demo using the Slap patch. The chirps are very faint but they are there.

I haven’t experienced this issue with my other gear before so that’s why I ask.

This is not related to the filter, but is rather a design decision to have a very steep and unfiltered CV for the VCA. You can alter this by increasing the value of the cap smoothing the VCA CV (I would love to tell you which one, but you did not mention which filter board you use) - the downside is that the envelopes will feel a bit slower.

Ah ok. Was more or less after a technical explanation, so that about covers it. At this point in my building career I am inclined to believe everything I build has some tiny issue, but this helps put that fear to rest.