Ambika Factory Presets?

my machine is soooo empty…
couldn’t find any presets
is there anywhere a file for download?

see bottom of the page

here we go :smiley:


I don’t have the ambika (yet!), I have only started with the shruthi. An idea was to extend the existing available patches by mine, trying to a) reprogram classic patches (roland, emu, korg, yamaha) out there and b) immidate acoustic instruments, then see what works best for people. For the ambika this could be used easier, by just dropping it on the card …

maybe also a guideline on how to use the patch, e.g. which octave range and with which modulation, playing style, supported by demos. Can the shruthi or ambika play a demo song? It was always a great feature on roland’s synths, get the user in the mood, I believe, yet they always sound really raw(unprocessed, not-for-sale, funny)

Hey there !

A quick question about the factory presets : out of the four ‘golden card’ program folders, the first and last folders seem to contain the same 128 programs… Did I do something wrong or is it normal ?
Otherwise, congrats to Olivier, the programs are incredible !

Thanks, matt

No, this is normal.

Got it, thanks

Oh, and would that be irrealistic to expect someday a ‘shruti > ambika’ program converter software ? That would open up all the community stuff, even though i def can live with the current factory ones:)

@Ghostwood check the latest posts in the patch sharing area thread

Ok, got it ! Thanks, wohoo :slight_smile:

Great to know, was wondering the exact same thing. Will try this out as soon as I get close to my Ambika.

What’s the best way to run this program on Windows 7? I tried one Python editor and it didn’t work.

Same, i asked a programmer at work to help me with python, without success (short attempt)

Please be more explicit about “didn’t work” and “without success”.

Ok, sorry Olivier for being vague… I will try to gather more info when i’m back at work