Ambika eurorack faceplate?

I´ve currently finished my ambika and still thinking about what enclosure to take.
I love the idea to put in in transparent housings. I also love expensive hard wood cases or shields on the side.
I think it would be awesome to have a eurorack kind of faceplate on top, wood on the sides and transparent plexi on the frontside.
Any ideas ? Olivier ? :wink:

As discussed before this won’t fit for the backside.

doobydoo is writing about ambika, fcd72 is probably thinking about anushri and all this in the shruthi discussions :wink:

oops. sry.

I don’t see which problem this would solve that isn’t already solved by the (soon to be released) metal cases.

So you´re gonna release a metal case ?

Yes, there’s something in the works - a revision of Adrian’s design with graphics more consistent with MI’s visual identity (just like this has been done for the Shruthi).

good that I didn’t order a case yet. I had quite the same idea for the enclosure, faceplate on top, wood on sides, TILTED, and with plexiglas in the front, to be able to see the voicecard LEDs that look beautiful

now that´s what I´m talking about. neoplasma = style :slight_smile: