Ambika encoder pot

The encoder pot I’ve bought at Reichelt (ref. STEC12E08) has a too small shaft (20 mm long), and I can’t put the knob on it when the MoBo is fitted in the acrylic case. It seems that the Mouser’s one (ref. 652-PEC12-4225F-S24) is the correct part (25 mm long).

I can’t just order only one encoder at Mouser, it will be way too expansive. Can someone sell me just one ? Thanks for your help :wink:

Hédi K.


where are you located hpsounds? Europe?
I will have a huge order at mouser by the end of this week, if you can wait until then… located in France.

I’m a french guy living in Iceland. Iceland is, more or less, part of Europe. I’m very interested by your offer, I will pay the part and the shipping to Iceland.

Hédi K.