Ambika Eagle to Gerber export

Hello guys, to launch the board production, the production company is asking me to convert .brd files to gerber ones.
I found some tutorials explaining that, but in Ambika, there are more layers than in tutorial.
Could you please make a small tutorial which eagle layers should be included in which gerber layer.
I’m afraid to forget something and get a half of a board as a result :o)

I used this tutorial, but it’s incomplete.

Or maybe someone could share gerber files?
I’ll use 4p sound boards


I don’t plan to make such a tutorial.

@fikous… i think the boards will be for sale soon on the mutable instruments website. If you buy them there you are also supporting Mutable instruments and the designer who put many months of work in it.

That’s perfect! Very good news, that will be easier for everyone Pichenettes, you can close this topic :wink:

@fikous tomorow the full kits come out!

@shiftr awesome! Will buy one to use in cold winter motherland Russia :slight_smile:

be warned that demand is higher than supply so they will probably be sold out the same evening…