Ambika Drum Sound Programming Attempts

Apologies for the bad keyboard drumming, but you get the idea…

The only fly in the ointment is that all the sounds are very quiet, relative to other patches. Not sure why that is.


yes , I like this.

interesting presets, i like this too

nice work - also curious what voicecard(s) you used

Thanks guys. 4x 4P voice cards.


Here’s the .mul multi file, from the SD card. I guess to use it, you’d need to rename it with a number (ie 001.MUL), and place it into the appropriate directory on the SD card to use it. It might be a good start for someone.

It uses four voice cards. I used 4x 4P cards, but I guess any of the three available VCs would work.

@pichenettes is this the best way to share Ambika files, or would sysex files to better?


Sounds nice!

The point of the SD-card storage is that it makes it dead easy to share actual files :slight_smile:

@pichenettes I do thing the fact the files names are just numbers is a bit of a handicap, though, when it comes to building libraries, and sharing files. I’m sure there were sound reasons for doing it that way, though.

The SD card storage certainly does make it dead easy to backup, which is a big plus.


@toneburst,i’m interested by you multi preset, but i can’t see the link in your post.
thank you

@untoldlb oops, I forgot to upload it. Here it is, zip-compressed. I couldn’t upload the .mul file.


thank i’m trying it right now, it sounds good too on my ambika with smr4 voicecards.

during the upload on my sd card, i realize that factory presets are available in the F and S folders, i haven’t seen that before.

@untoldlb cool. I’d be interested to know if you can make the handclap (pt.2) better. I spent quite a while messing around with it. but it’s still not quite what I was after.


i’ll try later this day for the handclap, right now i have to go to work (on sunday) and i’m not really enjoying it… :wink:

the more i manipulate the sound of the hand clap, the more it sounds like a snare drum, really hard to have a better result than yours with my smr4 voicecards and my skills. beside that, as you said, the sounds of your preset is a lot quieter that the rest of my presets on the ambika, don’t know why.

this is where an external mixer comes in :slight_smile:

What directory on the SD card do these need to go into?

@dude163 Put them in one of the sub-directories inside the MULTI directory. Don’t think it matters which one, but be careful not to overwrite any of your own multi setups.



to get a good sounding clap, you need white noise, a retriggering envelope and a BP filter.
The retriggering EG is what makes a snare sound like a clap :wink: