Ambika + Doepfer Pocket Control?


Could anyone please help me understand if it’s possible to assign CC-values to different knobs so that I can control different parameters of my Ambika with it? I seem to be lost in the terminology here…


I don’t have one, but according to that page you can:

“the editor program (PC version) enables the user to program his own 128 presets. This means that you can define the function of each of the 16 controllers in your own 128 presets. You no longer depend on the factory presets ! The program can be downloaded free of charge from our internet site - e.g. to test the programming possibilities before you purchase the Pocket Control”

I guess you should download that app and figure out if it does what it should.

Ok, thanks t2k! I’ll do that

Unfortunately the editor works only onto Windows XP…

I think you can also program it directly with sysex messages, but that might be an even bigger can of worms to wrap your head around.

Uuh… I think I’ll stick to my easily assignable (but with too few knobs) midi keyboard. Thanx though people!