Ambika Distorted Output

So, I’m just finishing up an Ambika with 6 SVF boards for someone from the “Trusted Builders”. Everything is working as it should, but I am getting some clipping at the output. If I play a single note, it’s fine, but the more voices I introduce, the more clipping occurs. I’ve noticed some patches are worse than others. At first I thought it may be the “fuzz”, but I have turned that OFF on patches that have it at 63 and I still get clipping. I checked the TL072 and everything around it (caps & resistors) and it all checks out. I’ve also gone over the solder joints in the area and reflowed them all. The clipping does not change as I lower the Volume on the Ambika. I have also ran the output into a mixer as well as directly into my audio interface and have everything set way low, but the clipping does not change.

Is there somewhere else in the circuit I can look? Like I said, other than that, everything is running smooth.

EDIT: I’m pretty sure this has been covered before, but I couldn’t find the discussion with a search.

10k resistor above the resistor network. Change it to 6.8k or lower.

When in doubt, “Olivier saves the day![](”: I’ll get it a shot, thanks)

qp what is your point on the ratio signal/noise after changing the resistor?