Ambika display is dark

Everything seems to work except the display. I can read everything but it is dark. The described voltage checks were ok.
Any idea?

you have no voltage fir the backlight - im on tour only with an idevice, so look yourselves in the schematics which pin of the lcd to measure (i think it must be 15 or 16)…

yes it is 15 and there is no (0) voltage

oh i think i forgot the bridge!

Just DONT easily bride, think about if you need a Resistor to limit current

it is a kit

thank u fcd72!!!

With the display included in the kit is a limiting current resistor needed or will a simple bridge do? No sure from the posts above?

The display included in the Ambika kit needs a bridge.

Great! Thank you!

Hi, merry xmas everyone!
Same kind of problem here, voltage control is ok, the lcd screen is the one included in the ambika kit, i have made a bridge.
But i can’t see anything on the screen, only the first row of the ldc display shows square if i adjust the R47 trimmer, the second row stay black.

If someone can help me to find my mistake.

thank you

resolved i got a short on the pin soldered beteween the pcb and the lcd screen

Hi everyone, merry christmas from me as well

The best way spending your christmas holidays is buidling an ambika, but for me, the same problem as above occurs: Everythings working fine bisides the poor backlight of the display. There is no voltage on pin 15 of the display, so I understand I need a bridge. Sorry for the question: Between what?

Thanks very much!

There is a location on the pcb with a resistor symbol and the value ‘0’ inside it (bottom side of the pcb, near one corner of the display).

above the display next to the trimmer (bridge only with the included display!)

Great I Thank you very much for your help! I always wondered what that symbol was for!


I just purchased an ambika from a user on here – had to go out and grab my own power source which was the one linked below – the ambika seems to power up, but the display is extremely dark and unreadable… any expertise appreciated!

Is there any light behind the LCD?