Ambika Display Bezel Fitting To Adrian's Metal Enclosure

I bought a plastic display bezel for my Ambika from Mouser (part no. EA 017-4UK), and I’m trying to work out how to attach it. The bezel seems to be designed to fit on top of the top panel, and I notice from photos in the Census thread, that some of you have used what looks like the same bezel in this way. However, mine doesn’t fit.

Looking at qp’s Ambika, it looks like it can also be fitted to the back of the top panel, between panel and display, and to my eyes, this looks neater. The problem is, the flat top of the bezel is only fractionally larger than the hole in the case top panel, so there’s very little surface area to glue. I want the bezel to fit tightly around the underside of the display aperture, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

Does anyone have any tips on this?


It was a delicate process, but I just added a bit of glue to the top of the outer edges of the display and tried to center it as neatly as possible. The display was a little warped which made it even harder. I then just held it in place until it dried. Be careful to use very little glue. It can dry quickly and then you may damage the paint trying to clean it off.

I taped mine to the inside with some E Tape (the high end super 33 stuff).

Thanks for the tips, guys! I’ll let you know how I get on…


Tape soumds much safer. I just assumed mine was too bent for that.

Mine was bent too. Some good tape on all of the corners worked like a charm. Plus, the Optrex sits right up against it keeping it from popping back off. I’m badluckcharlie with glue and would of had a glob right in the middle of the screen.

I think when I mounted the bezel I had my VFD mounted differently so there was space. Now it rests against it. So glue may not have been needed. Oh well. Luckily it worked out.

Thanks again for organizing that group buy.

I might be up for a VFD group-buy, if there’s ever another one. My Optrex LCD has developed some ‘stuck pixels’, which is annoying.