Ambika DIP8's for voicecards

So the BOM lists 12 of these sockets. When I look at the SMR4 VC’s I see the space for them on the boards but for one of them the solder pads are much smaller which looks like the ICs I soldered right to the board for the motherboard. I just want to make sure i am to solder a socket there and not just solder the chip there. Im assuming I soldered the chip to the board on the MB because of height issues. Here it doesnt seem like that is the case. So do I just go ahead and solder the DIP8 socket to the smaller pads as well?


Maybe Olivier just used a different Pattern from another library?

yeah I think it was because there wasnt enough space to do the larger pads there but Im just guessing. Just want to know if its intended to socket there instead of solder chip directly to board.

There is enough airspace to solder a socket, as there is nothing on the bottom of the voice cards. So use the Socket, please.

Socket please - I used a different IC pattern because I needed to route traces between the pads of the IC and the pads of a nearby part.

Aha… I always wondered why some pads are smaller.

Thanks. :wink: