Ambika Digikey Standoff Hardware

Since I live in the USA, I am unable to purchase the Ambika hardware parts from Reichelt. I have found the following standoffs at Digikey:

(12) 952-1503-ND - STANDOFF M/F HEX M3 BRASS 12MM
(12) 952-1510-ND - STANDOFF M/F HEX M3 BRASS 20MM
(4) 952-1501-ND - STANDOFF M/F HEX M3 BRASS 10MM

If someone can double check these to the Reichelt standoffs, it would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

go for aluminum

I’m on my phone ATM and can’t check, but what was the total for you? Mine was around $50 for all hardware. Pretty sure it was digikey also.

Yu guys have to pay 50$ for a few spacers?

I paid a LOT less than that for the mounting bits. I got them from a specialist mail-order company here in the UK, Toby Electronics . I’m sure similar companies exist in the US, too.

I’d advise looking at other options before paying out such a lot of cash.


from Digikey the total is for $32.70

$32.70 before or after shipping. I think my order was $42 or so but with shipping it was closer to $50. Either way, it seems rediculous to charge that much for some spacers and some screws. I looked around and was coming up with worse prices than digikey. MacMaster Carr was twice the cost. I may have not looked long enough on digikey.

@qp $32.70 before shipping. I bought the screws and nuts from Very reasonable prices in bulk packs of 100. The spacers are overpriced from Digikey, but I don’t know of any other options for us in the USA.

Yeah, it’s crazy how much they are. The nuts & washers at Digikey are also pretty reasonably priced in packs of 100. Welp, the hunt continues…

I’m nearly finished with the cases ( i need to hunt for black matte Plexi :wink: ), you may order all Spacers + Nuts + Bolts together with the Case…

@fcd72 I was thinking maybe matte black, actually. Great minds, and all that. What other colours do you have planned? Did you get a chance to think about the VFD thing? I know you’re busy, don’t mind if not.

Also, gentle nudge: 4-Pole…
Just sold me EX-8000, and wouldn’t mind getting rid of the Waldorf filter, too, while I’m off work an have time to deal with parcelling it up and posting it.


Maybe we can make an Arrangement™

Ill do pretty much every color Evonik offers, take a look yourselves

>fcd, I was thinking a matte black w/white underlay(ala programmer), but have everything else clear. Doable? Just tell me where to send the cheese.

@qp, shure, but it will be matte black not the 3Ply from the Programmer

Ah gotcha. That’s coo. Also a clear window for the screen to be glued in. Think I read you mentioning that before. Put me down for an order.