Ambika difficult to source parts 1x6 headers

Here it says 6 Arduino style 1x6 headers for 6 voicecards, except the BOM reads 2 per voicecard, which would require 12. Anything obvious im missing here?

Is this the part? The mouser ref is not in the Voicecard BOM, but it is in the Mobo BOM. I assume they are exactly the same part; the 4UCON ref is the same. Im doing a huge order from mouser and trying to get everything :slight_smile:

yes it’s the right part, though you’ll have to trim the legs a bit
Notice that they go in pairs, so only one of those items is needed for a voicecard.

Page updated - there are 12 of them per bag.

I have corrected my BOM for Mouser (on the wiki page and another link).

The ones at digikey are way nicer and no trimming required…

Have a Digikey part number altitude pretty please?

ill dig out the part numbers when i get home. They are the longest samtec parts they make

SAM1198-06-ND, they’re NOT the longest but are 10mm so no trimming is needed. Also, ignore the 0 stock, these are “value added” items which I guess means they cut them to length for you. The cost is the cost and it does not take any longer than any other part to get them. These are also bad ass square post that fit nice and snug, not like those flat girly arduino ones

For the price they should be nicer. Wowser.

Aren’t all the exotic parts for cards included on their mouser bom?

Thanks altitude, really appreciate it. Though they are a bit more than the Mouser ones, not having to clip them, plus the fact that I’m sourcing all my other stuff from Digikey more than makes up for it.

The Mouser BOM that I posted has arduino headers, yeah the flat girly ones altitude mentions :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ve had no issues with them. If you are sourcing from Digikey it might make sense to get them there, but they will cost a chunk more. A pair of the girly ones are under $2 while the digikey ones are over $2 per.

Will note that the v2164 chip is not available through Mouser but Small Bear and Mammoth (a bit cheaper) both have them in stock.

Thanks for the info shimoda!

I’ve bought some of the arduino headers from Sparkfun before, and they’re comparable what comes in the kits. But, I just bought a pack of (50) 6-pin headers from eBay.
We’ll see if they’re of similar quality. But, I’m willing to spend to money (small amount) to find out.

Altitude, I ordered the SAM1198-06-ND parts from Digikey and they are male 6 position headers not female 6 position headers. Unless Digikey got confused and sent me the wrong parts.

Those should be the right ones, Samtec part# SSQ-106-03-G-S Which means SSQ Series-6 postion-10mm-20 um Gold plated-Single row

What did they send you?

Mouser part SAM1198-06-ND
And I’m definitely looking at a bag full of 6 position one row trimmed to order male headers.
I’ll call Digikey

Digikey confirms that they sent the wrong part. The value add apparently makes the process considerably more manual than normal.

It happens, they are always cool about it. I’d be nice if they carried the plain old tin ones, they are a buck cheaper than the gold plated ones (I use the plain ones on my struthis)