Ambika - cost of self purchased kit

I’ve interesting to build Ambika.
Can someone tell me total cost of all parts?

My whole unit with a case - 4 SMR4 and 2 Ladders inside costed me only 400eur

PS: But I’m quite experienced in part sourcing so I doubt if you’ll be able to go so low with the costs.

So what would be cost of kit with 6xSMR card for newbie self sourcer ?

Thanks @dmkbox it has been a while I was planning to ask this question :slight_smile:

I just built a 6xSMR Ambika, with the case from MI. It ran me about $800USD in total.

$700-$800 USD is a fair estimate. Some places are cheaper than others. Ambika requires sourcing from several vendors to keep the cost down.

@ scannerboy… Did that include the PCB’s?

Looks like $850 will be good spent for this nice box:-)

@scannerboy Your part sources online or offline?
If online please share with us.

Nothing really fancy -,, and some offline. But yeah, I programmed the chips myself, designed the case myself and produced the pcbs on my own behalf.

@scannerboy Wow! You are seriuos man;-)
I’d check local sources - prices higher tnan Europe online shops (sometimes twice). But
I still in $750 range.

I spent about 500 euro to build my 6xSMR, but did not use the ‘official’ enclosure (have a look here to see what my own creation looks like, in its ‘almost finished’ state), and did source from several places including ebay (for a cheap display, for example).

The sourcing of (cheap) components can take quite a bit of time: almost as much as building it ! But if you actually take your time the whole experience is quite rewarding, especially if you give it your own unique twist, however small that is.

PS: all PCBs with programmed microcontrollers add up to EUR 238 + shipping, so is about half the cost. The ‘official’ enclosure is around EUR 84, mine cost around EUR 25, but you do need tools (and time !) and I had to get some new drill bits … these things do add up as well if you don’t already have them.

I guess I don’t understand why you guys spent so much… I’ve calculated all parts at around 500 USD. ??

@MindStasis: VAT

Ah right, I forgot about that.

about 250 for pcb:s and chips. another 250 for all the parts (inc. nuts and spacers).
what i did not notice when ordering the ready made BOM:s from mouser that they included those same chips i already got from MI, and those where not the cheapest of the components.

But later today you can get the whole kit for EUR 599 from the shop … no self-sourcing needed !

Just the case …

Yep, but plus shipping(15) and without the (case + Shipping), and the (power supply + shipping)
Cost round about 100-115€ more.
So you must calculate the Kit plus Case plus Power supply plus shipping double.
So all together costs 700€ complete all parts to make it ready.