Ambika- controlling lfo frequency

hey i noticed the ambika does not have mod destinations for lfo frequency. am i wrong about that? i remember this being possible with a shruthi-1, not sure how similar the mod matrix is. is it possible to do this with the modifier? im trying to get lfo 1 to control the frequency of lfo 2 and vice versa. also is lfo 4 what changes the pitch from the modwheel?

Only LFO4’s frequency can be modulated in the modulation matrix. There’s a good reason behind that!

By default, LFO4 is routed to the oscillators’ frequency, and its intensity is controlled by the modwheel.

@pichenettes- why is that? Tons of synths , dsi and Waldorf have this function… I thought also the shruthi had this capability


has to do with lfo1-3 beeing per part, only lfo 4 beeing per voice.

we have to live with only lfo 4 beeing controllable with modulations (while not syncable)

got it- so its so that the lfo’s can be used over 2 patches at once- for multitimbral setup?

no. not for multitimbral stuff, but for polyphony. all the voices in a part share lfo 1-3, but each got it’s own lfo4. (makes no difference for mono parts.)

Let’s say you route velocity to the LFO speed. When you play 4 notes with different velocities, each note will have to be modulated at a different frequency, so each voice will need their own LFO. For this to work, the LFO will have to be independent for each voice.

LFO 4 is the LFO that lives in the voicecard and is independent for each voice. This is the only one that can be modulated by things like velocity or poly aftertouch.

LFOs 1 to 3 live on the motherboard, so they can only act globally and affect all voices equally.

If I understand well, we can’t modulate the lfo1/2/3 frequency because we can’t access it from the mod matrix as they are on the motherboard ?
I have a patch were the lfo retrig the enveloppe (really cool), but I’d like to modulate it’s frequency for a rythmic usage. As there is no env associated with the lfo 4, I don’t know if it’s possible to achieve this.

Can I just add the lfo 2 freq on the mod matrix via the code of the ambika, or is it just simply impossible ?