Ambika controller bug: cyclic allocation crash

As reported, Ambika currently crashes when you switch to the “cyclic” voice allocation mode while a key is being pressed.


Cyclic allocator code did not handle the case when it saw a note off for a note on that was sent while it was set in another mode.

Wow. Fix came faster than it took me to understand the problem……

Typical example of an understanding-the-problem-was-the-hard-part bug.

Easy fix. Once I was convinced there was a bug! I was banging the keyboard like a monkey and doing dubstep wobbles with the part mode knob and for some reason it never crashed.

This somehow reminds me of our iOS projects…

How does cyclic voice allocation mode correspond to the Cyclic sequencer software? I’m not at home right now but there is no mention of cyclic in the manual and I’m thinking I might have missed something.

Bot are totally different things? Just like these are both Salt

Ok thanks, so I now understand “cyclic” is not portmanteau for the Cyclic sequencer from the same developer.

No need to get all salty.

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I don’t know if accountboy is a ProductManager……