Ambika Cases

I see that the clear cases are out of stock in the shop. Is this just temporary or has production shifted over to Frank now?


I am temporarily out of stock, but we’ll have to wait for Frank to be back from his vacations for these to reappear.

OK Olivier, thanks :slight_smile:

if olivier can arrange for payment ill ship one directly on monday if thats urgent …

Hi all,
about ambika, I want to know if one day we’ll see the return of the starter kit…?
(excuse my bad English)

For the sake of a quick response here is a response from Olivier when I asked the same question:

“I want to focus now on developing new products, that will be
manufactured using standard industrial processes. None of them are
related to Ambika, though. Something at the scale of the Ambika - in
terms of development effort and complexity shouldn’t have been done as
a DIY kit.”

Being able to purchase a kit for a build that huge was not working out as many people got themselves in too deep. The idea that “if you can source it, you can build it” seems to works better than selling someone something that will trouble the builder and cause Olivier sadness for discouraged builders.

If I’m out of line speaking with that answer, I’m sorry.

Hi, weNiverse and thanks.
After all, I think it makes sens.
But anyway, soon I hope I will debut an Ambika.
It will be my fourth M.I. project : two Shruti and an Anushri
with no major problems.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Speaking from my own experience, I too wanted an Ambika kit, but now that I sourced and built my own, I can tell you that I don´t think you can find a more complex (to develop, not to build!) and deep DIY project than this.

If you do manage to source and build one, I think you will get a very rewarding experience, and the final result will amaze you and whoever listens and sees your Ambika.

As an interesting upshot to this, the Ambika is a tiny bit more exclusive this way too!

Once you get the boards plus chips and case, the rest is just finding a Mouser bom for your combination of Mobo and Cards. Not too hard.

Thanks Varthdader.
At my first Shruti I was a bit affraid to do some errors but as I was very carefull and attentive, I finally and proudly succed.
I am confident to achieve an Ambika now

Sourcing is half the fun!

Or frustruation…

Glass half empty/glass half full kind of thing really.

Especially for the MI projects, you can probably get everything you need on one or two parts supplier’s websites and there are plenty of complete BOMs out there.

Is it an aesthetic choice to not have the page names under the buttons on the cases? This seems to be true for across the whole line. I had to add decals to the Anushri I built (which makes it look even more DIY I guess) and was just wondering the reasoning?

because labels at the buttons are ugly…

You could always order a custom top case plate with whatever labels tickle your fancy.

I think for the shruthi and ambika it works really wel without the labels… Somehow you remember the pages better without labels. For the Anushri i need to have look at the manual some times…

I agree. I was somewhat surprised not to miss labels on the Ambika and Shruthi. I guess the lack of display makes the situation somewhat different for Anushri.

Indeed, Anushri has no screen feedback to let you know what you chose to tweak, hence, I too consult the manual again and again.

I am seriously considering sticking some labels on there…

@fcd72 Talking of Ambika cases, I was just casing up my Ambika in one of your ‘Neuropa Grey’ enclosures, and I’m wondering how I’m supposed to attach the clear LCD window. Do I need to superglue it around the edges?


dont use any kind of cyan- based glue, it will produce a totally ugly foggysmeary result. if you want to glue (and not live with the just pressed in) use some kind of pecial model builders plastic glue. and only a tiny bit of it.

@fcd72 thanks for the tip. I was about to try Supergluing it. Unfortunately, it won’t stay in place on it’s own, so it’s going to need to be fixed somehow. I actually wasn’t expecting it to come with a transparent display window at all.

Can you recommend any particular brand of adhesive I could use?


Dont use two part epoxy, the 5 minute stuff will expand as the chemical reaction does its thing and you will get spiderweb cracks. I had this happen to me when I used that stuff on a project. Agree with Frank about model glue, that would work fine. There are adhesives out there specifically made for bonding acrylic but just about anything will do for the window. I use interference fit parts on my matte cases and never needed any glue for them to stay put