Ambika case template (SVG?)

Is there any ‘template’ for the Ambika case around? An EPS file or similar, with standard measures would be ideal… Considering to cut my own case in aluminum or such, probably just a one-off :wink: Would be entirely grateful!

Case Files are in the Github Repository, see the DIY resources Section.

Many thanks, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi I am also trying to find this file, had a look around github, but could not find it?!
Is anybody able to point me to this file?


great, thanks for that.

Hm… Trying to get the case design files, EPS that is. When I open it with Adobe Illustrator I only get a lot of code, no plans. Anybody know how to get the actual drawings?

Thanks, Mat

you have to click on ‘get raw’ on the github…