Ambika case HELP

Hello guys! I’m going to chose Ponoko for the laser cut of the case.
I converted the .eps file into .svg because I just have Inkscape, but Ponoko is not accepting it.

Anyone that cutted the case with them who can help me please?


Why don’t you just order a Case from the Store - so no risk of getting it wrong….

Because I don’t want it transparent and want to had some things and modify them

Welll i know who does this without you dealing with Ponoko :wink:

SVG from Inkscape is problematic. Stick to EPS if you can. When I had my PreemFM2 case made I had to export to EPS and switch off the “Rasterize filter effects” option in the export screen.

But yes, frank will make you a case. The downside is if you’re not in the EU there’s a risk of import tax?

I’m in EU, can you give the mail of the guy please? :slight_smile:

Because I also want to add logos etc… Unfortunately I can’t open eps :confused:

heres the mail of that guy: send me a message here :wink:

I can help. Is it just the file on github? It needs to be formatted for Ponoko.

Let me know.

yes I have the file from githb. I know it has to be formatted but I can’t manage it this time, did it for the shruthi but with this one it says there’s an error. Have you got the formatted file for Ponoko?

I haven’t had one cut but just went through and formatted it. I’ll PM you a link to the file.

Awesome, thanks a lot! accepts eps and deliver really fast