Ambika case Australia

I’m looking for a case for my ambika. I beleive there may be a spare down here. Anyone know of one please pm me

I had one for sale a few weeks ago, at a bargain price, but it has since been sent to Germany.

I do still have a spare Shruthi SMR4mk2 filter board available, in Sydney, if you are interested.

I have one metal case in Australia. I sen’t two pieces for one user.

Yes Adrian it was you. Could you please email me thenewmandmshowATgmail

Yeah no acrylic cases. Never shall another grace my studio.

Dogma, where are you in Australia? I’m the holder of Adrian’s spare case.

Im in Barwon Heads Vic

Hey-ya! The case arrived in germany today!

@loopino: hymns were sung in Wuppertal to give thanks for its arrival.

Yes, and before delivery the case went for a sightseeing tour with our world-famous Schwebebahn.

Since we are in the Antipodes, we built ours upside-down. Unlike the Wuppertal monorail, no-one liked it, so they tore it down.