Ambika - cant wait )

Dear friends, any rumours,
when Ambika will be available?
Cant wait for buying it ))

s. 4-PM need poly friend ))

If everything runs as expected, near the end of november I think - perfect gift for christmas!

End of november sounds doable.

Oh )) i need 2 )) Its great news )
I think it will cost al least 300 euro, or not?

there’s an assembled ambika for sale here in a thread, i believe for 700$ without case.

250-300€ the kit with one voicecard.

Great news!
So… this estimate is for a semi or full kit?

Full kit, but for only once voicecard - in order to get everybody started on the right track.

Extra voicecards as semi kits only.

Dear pichenettes,

is 2-pole multimode voce card the same as Dual SWF?

Bear in mind that although this seems more pricey than Shruthi-1, this unit is easier to edit, has SD card storage, more knobs and there are also a few extra voice features. Plus obviously expandability when you’re ready for it.

I’m thinking what i should sell to buy an ambika… I think the Poly61 can go, or maybe the Poly6 since it’s a synth wich always needs work…

> is 2-pole multimode voce card the same as Dual SWF?


The dual SVF Shruthi-1 filter board has… two SVF (with parallel or serial routing).

The SVF voicecard has… one SVF.

>I’m thinking what i should sell to buy an ambika

How much is a kidney worth these days? lol.

Throw in a piece of your liver and you may get all 6 VoiceCards + a Case :wink:

I bet it will be worth tha Ambika…

Depends if it comes pre-marinated with fine spirits, or if it’s unused :slight_smile:

6 voice cards?
Hm, can i ask stupid question?((
For realazing simultaniosly sound of all 6 voice, am I need 6 voice cards for it? )

Yes, 1 voicecard per polyphony voice.

Ambika + 1 single voicecard is “just” a turbocharged Shruthi-1 (more oscillator waveforms, more LFOs/envelopes, bigger display, simpler UI with 8 pots, SD-card patch load/save)

I just love my liver, and dont want to take a part withg her ))

I imagine few people here will have owned or used a poly synth with analog filters. I had a Poly 800 Mk2 and that had one filter, so I failed that test.

So “only” a turbocharged Shruthi-1 is a bit modest :slight_smile: