Ambika- cant tell if this is aliasing or not


received my ambika over a week ago (built by ilmenator) and am loving it. i have a few questions about exactly the quality of the sound is when aliasing is present as this is my first wavetable synth. i realize that playing something in the upper octave ranges will produce some overtones, but im noticing on some patches even between c-4 and c-5 there some sort of ripping in the sound - almost like a ring modulator or a very fast lfo set to the cutoff frequency or vca… it also sounds as if the noise setting was turned up and when i check certain patches assuming it must be turned on it most certainly is not turned on. i can post some audio examples, just wondering if this is my certain oscillator choice or if its just the sonic nature of the synth or perhaps there may be something wrong with the build. thanks

Is it on presets or your own sounds? Re the noise; make sure nothing in the modulation matrix is affecting the noise level… I have just built one as well, and find the sound to be really clean and present. Its a beast, love it too.

i uploaded a zip’d link here with some examples- some are from presets and some are modified presets. if anyone could take a look and give me some insight on the matter it would be greatly appreciated

heres the patch a039 epiano…

here is ao35 pk bass

a043 electrobob

Hi, Unfortunately the download of the zip does not work. Can you tell us which type of voicecards you have?

If you check patch 43 you will find that that there are fuzz and and subosc activated which could sound like distortion for higher notes. The piano and pk bass patch sound smoother on my ladder Ambika but I remember that my SMR4 Ambika sounded more like yours. Did you use the the individual output or the sum?

yes im using the individual output-

theres two more examples - i guess im hearing some sort of atonal element in these sound files- its obviously easier to hear on the higher register-

Try to play with the modulation matrix of a034 and change the values for the different modulations until the additional harmonics are gone. I think that the fuzz value+modulation is the source of the additional harmonics.
Especially a033 sounds pretty much the same on my ladder Ambika, so I think yours is just working fine.