Ambika "Canada" patch?

Could someone upload it as a single voice, for a shruthi use, or write down the settings so i could use them :slight_smile:

I was thinking of this today, lol, hope someone makes it!

patch #2. Isn’t that the patch that the Ambika version is based on?

That’s it. Instant happiness!

I made a lot of dead on BOC patches in TAL’s Bassline 101. when i get a chance i’ll convert them in MI land.



s. for some reason I felt that Kaini Industries was originally done with an Alpha juno/mks50

Would be a blast if you do them for shruthi

I read somewhere they liked to use old reel-to-reel tape players to get that wobbly, phasey sound.


Wow and flutter, you can get plugins to do that. That tends to be fluctuating tape speed, I suppose part of the problem is also tape stretch and head alignment.

I think those are the things they wanted.

There’s an album by ISAN that sounds like it’s full of f*cked-up cassette effects. For example:

By that I mean, the kind of sounds you get if you unspool a cassette, crumple it up a bit, and re-spool it.

By the amount of hiss (particularly in the outdo section of the above), I suspect that’s exactly what they did.


Must relisten to some of my old ISAN albums. Nice stuff…


ISAN - beautronics rocks.

That’s what I like about this forum - not exclusively discussing MI products, and some GREAT links to bands I’ve never heard of before :wink:


I second that :slight_smile: