Ambika C14 / C22

For the components C14, C22 I found this parts at Reichelt:
Z5U-5 220N (220 nF, 50-100 V, Tolerance: 20%, Pitch: 5.0 mm).
Can I take this parts (due to greater tolerance and size), or should I better take the small 100 nF? The documentation says “acceptable” - what it is meaning or has it any disadvantages?
One more thing: How can I hook up an LED inside Shruthi (SMR4) for interior lights?
Thanks in advance!

you can solder a leg of an led to a resistor (try some for brightness) and solder them between +5V and GND, you can grab it from any points that provide the voltages. make sure you put that side to 5v that had the longer LED leg, otherwise it won’t work.

Thank you rosch. This will help me.
Any idea because of the part from Reichelt?

about the cap, a 220N with 20% tolerance is surely closer to the specified 220N 10% than a 100N but can’t be that critical value anyway, if 100N is allowed also. they should all be about the same in terms of height, so no problem with your SMR4 board.
regarding the 5mm pitch that probably just means that its legs have been bent to the outside to match 5mm drop in. you can bend them back with some pliers.

Thanks a lot!