Ambika Built and 1 SVF card in: works but 2 questions about 2 minor problems ( FIXED)

Hi all

got it working after a few mistakes i managed to fix myself and the Ambika is a blast! right now it only has 1 SVF card so its a super-Shruthi so far I have 2 problems/questions

1: its VERY loud , I decided to not put the trimmer in there for audio as I thought it spoiled the sleek outside , but I now realise I may have to put it in , can I drill a hole in the plexi using a regular drill? or is there a fix to bring it down a bit in volume ( someone mentioned putting a resistor somewhere…)

2: the arduino headers I purchased have very long leads and the voicecard sits too far out, nothing to say i cant trim them about 8-10mm so the card fits better?

like I said, I hadnt heard a SVF shruthi so this is great and Im eager to get the other 3 boards made in the next few days.

thanks in advance for any tips/help

Yes, you can trim the legs of the header…


what about the volume? just keep my input at a low level?

Got the arduino headers all trimmed and the case all built up, looks good next to my Anushri and 2 shruthis!

Got the volume fixed, my mixer has 12 inputs, I forgot the first 4 have preamplifiers for microphones so I was double boosting the AMbika signal by having it plugged into input 1!, now I have it plugged into input 5 it sounds a lot nicer :slight_smile:

cheers Olivier