Ambika build in Canada

I’ve got an original MI Ambika mobo, with 6 voice cards (x4 SMR-4, x1 4P, & x1 SVF). Also, a plexi enclosure made in the original style.

I’ve looked into building this myself, but sadly, it seems like I don’t have the chip-programming knowledge to do so. For example, on the mouser BOMs, there are obsolete parts, ‘no longer available’, and I don’t even have the know-how to select appropriate substitute ICs, or anything else, for that matter.

MI Ambika Mainboard
MI Ambika SMR Voiceboard All Components
MI Ambika 4P Voiceboard All Components
MI Ambika SVF Voiceboard All Components

So, perhaps this is beyond my ability to build. I remember there was a group of trusted builders, are any of you available for hire, by some good chance?

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ok, it looks like I’ve got the (pre-installed) ICs required to build the motherboard.
(x1 Atmega 644P-60PU-1427, x2 CoolAudio V2164D M8DNP, & x4 Atmel 1449 Atmega328P-PU).
plus, I found the hardware for the enclosure.

You can ABSOLUTELY still get all the parts necessary to build an Ambika. I ordered boards and a case a few years ago when Olivier announced he was getting out of DIY, and I only just ordered all of the parts necessary to start my build. I spent hours sourcing parts and finding substitutes, but it can be done. Most substitutions can be found at Mouser, but I had to use Tayda for headers and Reichelt for the mounting hardware (I spent three times as much on shipping from Germany than the actual parts were worth. Couldn’t find a Canadian distributor). What parts are you having trouble finding? Maybe I can help.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply, Silverfish!

My main concern is that once I get all the chips, I won’t be able to flash them with the necessary firmware. I see there are some very helpful threads on this forum to that extent, so the particular question has been put forth already and help has been extended in that matter.

I’ve sent a request south of the border (a guitar pedal maker from Florida built me a Shruthi XT some years back, from scratch, and nearly bought an Ambika he made also). There is a chance that fellow might do the digital impregnating of the necessary ICs for the sound cards, etc.

At some point today, I’ll spend more time comparing substitute components.

there are complete kits on tubeohm shop !
i buy my phoenix/shruti kits on it . hope it helps you !

Thanks kardiobreak! Yeah TubeOhm does nice work. If barclaypedals doesn’t want this job, then I might get in contact with tubeohm to see if I can send him the mobo+chips, 6 voice cards, enclosure+hardware for assembly.

Or, I might really get to it and learn some techy things…

Did you ever get this sorted? I am in Canada, and have built two of the Ambika machines just recently, including loading the firmware. I can do PIC, Atmel, STM etc. If you are using Wimdows, the latest version of Atmel studio is free and far faster to get up and running, and a lot easier to use (IMHO) than avrdude. The entry point AVR programmer is also easy to obtain from If you have a large breadboard, then you can build a small circuit (2 18pf caps and a 20mhz crystal) and program all the Atmel chips separately and then install them later. It takes about 10 min. If you need any other info, contact me and I can point you in the right direction.

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Thanks very much for your kind offer! Always great to hear a willingness to help others learn.

As it stands, I decided I’m not going to take the plunge into the deep end of this build. After taking my time and reading all the documentation, all the archived posts on this site, (and GS & MW too), it seems I just don’t have the necessary experience. Simply too many factors which could go wrong, and if I were to have a future learning electronics to a deeper level, then I might dedicate myself to it, but in the end I just want to make noise! ♪♫

I’ve found a builder and am currently commissioning him to assemble the Ambika.