Ambika bitcrushin' question

I have a korg 707 which is awesome. Love the sound (yes, love all the aliasing nastiness, especially when I sick the sample and hold LFO on it) …but hate toting it around. I would like to see how close I can get to those low resolution tables and sampling rate…so um, what does bitcrushing actually do? Is this the right parameter to use or is there another one that better addresses the sound I want to get? Noobin’ out here, so step by step approaches are greatly appreciated…

I don’t have a Korg 707 so I don’t really know what you want to imitate (an audio clip would help!)

The “bitcrushing” parameter on Ambika reduces the sample rate and artificially creates aliasing by repeating samples to replace smooth variations by harsh steps.

Another way to look at it is that it processes the audio signal by a sample and hold, the frequency of the sample and hold clock being a fraction of the original sample rate.

will be posting as soon as soundcloud is back online

Hi again,
here is a sample of what I mean. Each patch starts out with the original sound…then I roll in the LFO (triangle or sample and hold wave shape)