Ambika assembly

I have a simple question for you guy’s
i m building an ambika in a rack so i have assembly the motherboard without any leds and buttons or pots
when i power on the ambika values are floating is this normal or do i have to check something before i solder the other parts ?

Awesome report you found! However, they didn’t test the correct variant - the Devo energy dome

You could wire a connection to your Aluminium Hat

We should include a touch plate on the front panel that contacts to the 644p pins as a randomizer :slight_smile:

It’ll be picking up radio signals from outer space or cosmic rays :slight_smile:

You just designed a patch randomizer so far !

you have to solder the pots, otherwise values are indeed floating.

to micmicman thx this is what i was thinking :wink:

HI mutable gang,
No need of aluminium hat or devo to finish my ambika-rack !
i know it’s bit after the run but i’m far away than you guy’s and for now eveythings seem to work correctly i will do the sound testing today
take a look :

thx to pichenette for sending parts i needed, i win 3 weeks of waiting


I like it - Now go get that frontpanel/schaeffer faceplate ! :slight_smile:

Fallout style!

@nicore, did you drill ventholes?
Otherwise, this thing looks pretty good!

Sweet! :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile:

nicore, do you have a link to the case you used?

thx to all
MicMicMan ventholes are already done in the casealtitude it’s an old rack i found it was used for lan wiring
with the overlay it look like that now:

now it’s time to make sound with it but for now nothing apen… i m still trying

it looks like it has a good depth…