Ambika assembly instructions / BOM

Mobo documented here

On my side I have weekly or bi-weekly orders chez all the guys listed here. So I’m not really in your shoes when it comes to sourcing… It would be cool if you helped each other for parts sourcing. So please check the BOM listed on this page and focus on the parts with only one or two sources. Do you know any other online shop where they could be found? Maybe you know a missing Mouser/Digikey/Farnell/Reichelt reference for them?

@fcd72 Excellent. Do you have a price, yet?


Nope, but as you have something interesting for me anyway we will have to negotiate as i assume a stock case is to vanilla for your taste… :wink:
BTW i love the idea to have a VFD on my Ambika - keep on searching!

Im happy to announce that i was knighted to contribute the Ambika Cases for the show. Standard Cases will be available via Mutable Instruments, everything fancier . . . . you know where to look.

@toneburst Yes, VFDs are nice.

Fitting a film should be pretty easy. Stick it over the VFD and then have a clear bezel over the top.

Some phone screen protectors come with a fluid you spray on the screen and then squeegy out. This ensures you don’t get any bubbles under the film.

@pichenettes ah, that’s a shame :frowning:
So they compare unfavourably with the Newhaven neg. 16x2 ones, then?
Choice of 40x2 displays seems pretty limited.


@pichenettes sorry to keep banging on about these LCDs, but as you might have guessed, I’m a bit obsessive about display colours. Can you remember what you didn’t like about those Eastrising displays (linked above)? They seem to be one of the few places that sell coloured neg. 2x40 ones with no minimum order.


Lack of contrast and/or weak backlight even without current limiting resistor.

@6581punk VFDs do look lovely though. The one on my Nova is excellent- really crisp and bright, with great contrast. You can also get films to recolour them, according to the website, so you can get a range of colours. Not sure how you fit the film.

I’m almost tempted to get one for the Ambika, but it’s really toooo expensive.


@rosch I’m going to order everything I can from Mouser this time, for the sake of convenience. It’s going to go way over the threhold for free delivery, so, if people want to add bits and pieces they can’t get at a reasonable price elsewhere to the order, I’m prepared to do that, on the proviso this isn’t going to turn into a full bulk order.


Power is worth mentioning, it’s a source of many headaches on something that big (under the constraint that it should be powered by an AC wallwart - because there’s no way I’m going to sell something requiring people to deal with mains transforms!).

If you need more power, the first safeguard is an unpopulated pad for an extra cap in the rectifier circuit - should allow an extra 40 to 80mA to be drawn without seeing the input positive voltage fall under the ~9V required by the LM2940-8.0. But if you need even more power, you’ll have to increase the input voltage to 12V AC and replace the 7805 by this fancy switched mode pin-compatible monster pointed by altitude.

VFD’s are pretty power hungry too.

so what’s the deal with a mouser / digi-key group order already?
anybody in?

For those for whom money is not an issue, there’s always the Noritake VFD .

Dunno if it will fit through the hole in the Ambika mainboard.


I’ve seen 40x2 OLED listed but nobody stocking them.

@pichenettes interesting. No info about what colours they have available, that I can see. They only seem to have one 40x2.


They can do in any color you request.

ah, OK. But not on a 1-off basis, I imagine :wink:


MOQ is 250, they agreed to 100 because I have been buying from them since 2010

Gotcha. Might have to try Alibaba, in that case.