Ambika as filterbox

I am thinking to use Ambika as a 6times polyphonic filter box.

1. Is it possible to bind each card to its dedicated midi channel (Card 1: Ch1, Card 2: Ch2,…) ?

2. Is it possible to add external input to the filter and mute the own oscillator ?

3. (not so important) Can I save some money and leave the microcontroller and converter on the cards away,
if i really just want to use the filter section?

1. yes

2. can be done, but will require hardware modifications.

3. if you do that, how do you expect to control the filter cutoff and resonance?

From your message and requirements, I don’t understand what would be the point of using Ambika as a platform instead of stuffing a bunch of DIY modular PCBs into a box.

Nm. Deleted.

Thanks for your answer!

Ok, i leave point 3 away…

Regarding point 2, i think it would be possible to add some extra input to the filter input?

-> I am obsessed by the thought to get some old FM Synths polyphonic and
analog filtered !

you would need individual outputs for each voice of the fm synth and the voice allocation of that synth and the ambika should work the same way.
sounds like lots of work, but nice idea.

But no envelope follower so you’ll need to make your own, figure out a way to hook up some control pedals, buy a MIDI pedal controller or have one hand on some knobs or buttons.