Ambika, anushri, is it finished?

Hello Guys,
I ve two questions
I don t see anything on the website of MI on the Ambika and Anushri, are they disepeer?
And I ve a little problem between ableton live and anushri, when i play a scene the first note of the bass have a little problem, it doesn play clearly and when the cycle restart there is no problem. and when i play the same scene on my moog there is no problem.
thamks buy

Quoting @pichenettes :

"I have announced in october that the Ambika / Anushri kits and boards would be available only while the stock I had at that time last. And it’s gone.

Information about discontinued projects is still available in the “Other projects / The attic” section of the site".

There will be future Ambika PCBs and such released by tubeohm under another project name. Shruthi stuff will also be available, both from Tubehohm and from Laurentide Synthworks, userqp